Monday, December 22, 2014

A Glimpse of His Glory.

This blog is SO totally AWESOME!!!! :)
YOU should go read her blog!!! RIGHT NOW!!! ;)

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This is copied from the blog:

Hey there!  I'm Hannah Ashley...
I live a joyful, crazy life.  Being second born of 7 kids, the lifestyle I've grown used to over time is anything but slow.  Since graduating school a few years back, I always seem to be packing more activities, grocery trips and making big family meals, driving siblings around town for music lessons, plans for international missions work, and now a photography business on top of all that.  Personally, I don't mind the rushed pace, but I've discovered more recently that being always on the go I forget to stop and look around, observing all the details God has fashioned for our enjoyment.

Anyway, so that's my purpose for setting up this blog...partly for myself, to remind me to slow it down and seek out God's fingerprints, both the visible in creation and the hidden within the pages of the Bible, but also for you, to encourage you to abide in His Word and admire the great Artist as I attempt to capture glimpses of His glory through the lens of my camera.

God bless!  


Do i think that you should read this blog? 

YES!!! Click HERE!!! 

Do i like this blog? 

YES!!!  *LOVE* 

Do i read this blog a lot? 

YES!!! EVERY day!!! 

How many stars? (5) ***** 

1:It shares all about Gods beauty and the WONDERFUL things He has created!
2:I like the writing.
3:I like all the pics.
4:I think that she picks WONDERFUL Bible verses to share.

Go check it out!!! 

Right HERE!!!! 


  1. You were so sweet to do this, Jamie! Thank are one of my most faithful viewers!

  2. You are welcome. :)
    let me know if i can do any other blog!



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