Saturday, September 12, 2015

AWESOME food award

I have been nominated by Ellie over at Uniquely You

Ellie's questions
1. Can you remember ever having tacos on Tuesday? Yes... 3 times. :) 
2. Is their a show where you eat like crazy while your watching it? If so, what show? And what snacks? 
I don't really eat while watching a show. :( 
3. What's you favorite sea food? Definitely shrimp  
4. If you could be a food for a day. You could go into the belly and have a big party with the other food in your belly? Would you do it? If not, why?
NO!!!! The belly is gross and wet and slimy. :( Who would??? :O 
5. A food that starts with the letter b. Banana...? I don't like those though. 
What am I suppose to do with this one? 
6. Favorite food network show? Um... probably Pioneer Women.
7. Favorite food? HAMBURGERS!!!!!! :O 
8. Least favorite food? Bacon. Or watermelon. Or cheese. Or Popcorn. 
9. Are you a picky eater? YES!!! I don't eat hardly and food at all!!!!! :( 
10. One food you don't like that everybody thinks your crazy because you don't like.
Bacon. Or watermelon. Or cheese. Or popcorn. All my friends think I am weird... :

Thanks Ellie for nominating me! :)
Now, I nominate:


My questions for you:

When did you start your blog?
Do you do a sport? Like on a team? Or dance? Or do anything like that...
What is your most favorite vacation?
Do you like coffee or tea better?
What blog do you read/check most often?
Are you afraid of the water?
What is your DREAM thing to do?

Well, thats all. Thanks for nominating me Ellie. :)

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