Saturday, September 12, 2015

AWESOME food award

I have been nominated by Ellie over at Uniquely You

Ellie's questions
1. Can you remember ever having tacos on Tuesday? Yes... 3 times. :) 
2. Is their a show where you eat like crazy while your watching it? If so, what show? And what snacks? 
I don't really eat while watching a show. :( 
3. What's you favorite sea food? Definitely shrimp  
4. If you could be a food for a day. You could go into the belly and have a big party with the other food in your belly? Would you do it? If not, why?
NO!!!! The belly is gross and wet and slimy. :( Who would??? :O 
5. A food that starts with the letter b. Banana...? I don't like those though. 
What am I suppose to do with this one? 
6. Favorite food network show? Um... probably Pioneer Women.
7. Favorite food? HAMBURGERS!!!!!! :O 
8. Least favorite food? Bacon. Or watermelon. Or cheese. Or Popcorn. 
9. Are you a picky eater? YES!!! I don't eat hardly and food at all!!!!! :( 
10. One food you don't like that everybody thinks your crazy because you don't like.
Bacon. Or watermelon. Or cheese. Or popcorn. All my friends think I am weird... :

Thanks Ellie for nominating me! :)
Now, I nominate:


My questions for you:

When did you start your blog?
Do you do a sport? Like on a team? Or dance? Or do anything like that...
What is your most favorite vacation?
Do you like coffee or tea better?
What blog do you read/check most often?
Are you afraid of the water?
What is your DREAM thing to do?

Well, thats all. Thanks for nominating me Ellie. :)

Questions? Comments? I will answer your questions! And i LOVE to here your comments! posted by: Jamie N.


  1. Hi Jamie! It's super fun to see my award on your blog! I had some rules and a picture for the award. Oh and also the questions are supposed to be about food, since the award is the Awesome Food Award.

    Allie D.

  2. so are we supposed to post our answers in the comments?

    1. You can in the comments if you want or you can do it on YOUR blog. :)
      (like I did) :) Okay?


  3. Wow! You don't like bacon or cheese or watermelon? Those are some of my favorite foods! What is your favorite food?


Have a great day!