Friday, September 4, 2015


I have finally done a total of 101  posts!!!!   YAY!!!

In celebration leave a comment telling your favorite post on my blog! :)  If you need help, there is a "search" box on the side bar if you would like to search for your fave! :) 
Oh! Leave the link of your favorite post too! So everyone can see and view what you liked! :) 

Also, for fun, post on your blog about this post and follow my blog so I can see how many people LOVE my blog! Its really fun! :)  

Thank you for all your support while i have been posting! 

Have a great day! :)  
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Questions? Comments? I will answer your questions! And i LOVE to here your comments! posted by: Jamie N.


  1. My favorite was the giveway winner! Haha don't know why.
    P.S. I nominated you for the Awesome Food Award!

  2. Congratulations on writing 101 posts Jamie. I think you should have sponsored giveaways. Find a shop on Etsy and something you like, and ask the shop owner if they would sponsor a giveaway for you. :) Then just have them ship the prize to the winner when you pick. :) That's the easy way to do giveaways :D

  3. Greetings Jamie,
    I'm Mary from
    I'm having an old fashioned giveaway going on right now, so if you like old fashioned things, please enter. And please please please tell your friends! :)
    Thank you!!

  4. Hey Jamie! My fav post was the Tiger post:) And congrats on 101 posts! Can't wait til the next giveaway!!!


  5. Yay! Congrats on that many posts! They have been awesome to read!

  6. I love the one you did on Lady Bugs!


Have a great day!