Friday, March 6, 2015


Sorry guys, no giveaway from me! :/

But! Eden is having one at her blog CLICK HERE!!! 

If you have ANY ideas for a giveaway for me to do then I WOULD LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!! 
Just leave the idea in the comment box below!!! :) 

Thank you!!!

Questions? Comments? I will answer your questions! And i LOVE to here your comments! posted by: Jamie N.

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    You should give away on of Lauren Lotter's books. She blogs at
    You should give away a gift card, too. To Chick-fil-a. Or you should giveaway a very nice bag from some company. Or I know what you should giveaway! One of the books from KBR ministries! You should giveaway one of the books about one of the women that were wives or missionaries or great women. :)
    Hope that helps you!
    Love in Christ,


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