Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey everyone!
I was nominated (a while ago but never got around to it) :( from Maddy at

So... Thank you Maddy! :)


Would you rather be warm or cold? Warm! 
Favorite memory from last year? Going to the beach! 
Have you had much snow this year? NO! One small snow! :(
Some of your favorite blogs? Well, i like all the peoples blogs that follow me! :) 
Do you like to write? Yes! I have like 40 notebooks on my school desk! 
What is your favorite thing to do? Ummm..... dance!
What do you do with your free time? Read, write,play,talk,be with friends!
Your favorite movie/book?  My favorite movie is "Big Hero 6" or "Moms night out!" Book? probably "the Bridge to Neverland" 

Thank you Maddy! 

Now, i nominate: 
Sophia from So Sophia
Makayla from The Bubblegum Ballerina
Trinity from Lords Girls
Hannah from Tomboy in a Tiered Skirt
Ashley from Precious Moments
Anna Cosper from    annacosperblog 

My questions for them:

1: Do you like candy?
2: Have you ever been on a roller coaster?
3: If you have done #2 then was it scary?
4: Have you ever been to Disney world?
5: Do you like chocolate?
6: What blog do you check the most often?
7: What is your blog main purpose?
8: Do you like movies or books better?

If you do this post on your blog then will you leave the link to your post in the comment box?
I just want to know your answers! :)

Questions? Comments? I will answer your questions! And i LOVE to here your comments! posted by: Jamie N.


  1. Here are my answers Jamie!
    1.yes I love candy
    2 yes
    3 sorta
    4 no
    5 yes
    6 this blog and a blog called
    7 my blog is about trusting God through the hardships of life and foster care journey.
    9 books

  2. Thanks for doing the award! I enjoyed reading your answers !!


Have a great day!